Nepal Tea Collective’s Rose Reserve Tea

2022 年 7 月,位于尼泊尔东部高原的 Kanchanjangha 茶园和研究中心收获了一些罕见而引人注目的叶子。偶然的,这些叶子落在了一位19岁的天才制茶师Nikesh Gurung手中,他凭借敏锐的感官和加工经验,通宵制作出了尼泊尔的“玫瑰茶”,一款具有独特玫瑰风味和香气的红茶。

A rare and remarkable leaf emerged during the July 2022 harvest at the Kanchanjangha Tea Estate and Research Center, nestled in the highlands of Eastern Nepal. Serendipitously, these leaves landed under the sharp senses and experimental craftsmanship of a prodigious nineteen-year-old tea-maker, Nikesh Gurung, who, throughout the night, created Nepal Tea Collective’s Rose Label Reserve, a black tea with distinct, surprising roseate flavor and aroma.


Tea experts who tasted the tea were struck by its aroma and rose-petal flavor, layered with rich, malty caramel notes and a lingering sweet muscatel aftertaste. Priced at $100 for 100 grams, the tea is not just a mark of the enchanting flavors fostered by Nepal’s unique high-altitude micro-climates and terroir but also an embodiment of the keen talent of a new generation of tea-makers.

沿着Kanchanjangha 茶园和研究中心的陡坡采摘茶叶

Harvesting tea along the steep slopes of Kanchanjangha Tea Estate and Research Center

今年的玫瑰茶已被精心制作出来。茶叶品种Bannockburn 157号和稀有的野生种Assamica由茶农隔离管理。采摘这些茶叶的时机至关重要,需要精确的降雨和阳光供应,以促进茶叶玫瑰风味和香气的形成。

This year’s rose reserve was created with scrupulous care. Tea cultivars Bannockburn 157 and a rare Wild Assamica were isolated and reared by tea farmers on the estate. The timing for harvesting these tea leaves was crucial, requiring an exact supply of rainfall and sunshine to foster uniform roseate aromatics that flavor and give fragrance to the tea leaves.

茶树鲜叶是在第二次采摘期收获的,负责制作今年玫瑰茶的制茶师钱德拉·巴特拉伊(Chandra Bhattarai)满怀期待地等待着茶青。鲜叶的数量是有限的,保证了排它性。2022年仅生产了 50 公斤。

The leaves were harvested during the second flush, and tea-maker Chandra Bhattarai, responsible for crafting this year’s Rose Label Reserve, awaited their arrival with anticipation. The quantity of leaves is limited, guaranteeing exclusivity. In 2022, Nikesh Gurung produced only 50 kilograms.


For Chandra, who trained under multiple tea makers in Illam and from tea makers from Darjeeling, this was an honor and a challenge. “I knew that recreating the magic of last year’s Rose Label Reserve would be no easy feat,” he said. “But I was eager to embrace the spirit of experimentation and weave my own touch into the process.”


Rose is a popular flavor, ranked among the world’s top five scented teas, but Chandra’s process is pure. The teas in his care are delicately scented by nature from a cultivar whose aromatic chemicals include geraniol, roses’ most important odorous component.


Nepali tea history is still in its infancy. However, it is exhilarating to witness how rapidly it is evolving into a distinct culture and creating a space for itself with its own intensely unique, premium teas. The heart, ingenuity, and spirit of the young tea-makers who cultivated and crafted the rare Rose Label Reserve is a sign that the Nepali tea culture is growing, bringing a fresh and exciting verve to the tea world. As tea lovers worldwide savor this brew, they also witness tea history in the making among the highland terrains of Nepal.



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